crafted by photobiz

Following my still and quiet voices has led me to create a collection of abstract photographs focused on the shipping industry since 2014. This has been a journey that contrasts with my 40-year career as a photojournalist. 

The journey started with a simple muse--the square format of a cell phone camera.  I welcomed the new source of opportunity and inspiration.

 The creative palette of a working photojournalist can be constrained by the editorial norms of newspapers, news magazines and wire services.  One does not get repeat assignments to document news events for the global press by submitting esoteric photographs of the human condition.  Editors would laugh and never hire me again. 

 The show’s title gives insight into how these images resonate with me on a deeply personal level. 

 Listening to the quiet intuitions and subtle vibrations within my soul has inspired me to see the world in terms uniquely my own. My still and quiet voices whisper to me. Not with demanding authority, but rather a gentle nudge. My own private siren song. Unlike the Greek myth, this siren song leads me to explore beauty found in the vanishing moments of random light interacting with graphic elements, random repairs and corroded metal of an industrial landscape.

 These moments of subject and circumstance are fleeting. They are gone after the sun shifts in the sky, a ship sets sail, or machinery is moved. The wheel of commerce rolls on and the moment is gone. What remains is the work I share today. I hope they resonate with you, as well.